Thank you Thomas Swick !

One of the reasons why I like traveling is certainly because you meet new people during your travels that really inspire you. On the 7th July 2016 in Philadelphia, I was watching the France-Germany Euro 2016 semi final in a pub. A fresh cider in an air-conditioned bar was a good alternative to escape from the very hot afternoon. Thomas was sitting right next to me and we started to talk about the USA, Switzerland, travels etc… We talked about traveling by train and about the fact that we like it a lot and that it is a good way to discover a country or to meet people. We also spoke about Nicolas Bouvier, a swiss traveler and writer he respected a lot and I explained him that my commerce school in Geneva  was named CEC Nicolas-Bouvier in 1998. I told him my travel plans and he explained his career as a travel editor and writer. We talked about his book « THE JOYS OF TRAVEL » and the different stages that makes a journey into a real adventure, both beforehand and once you arrive home. I could not wait any longer to buy this fantastic book online !

Thank you so much Thomas Swick for this marvelous book, I enjoyed every chapter !



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