Teri : a real inspiration

When I decided to leave Switzerland for a couple of months to travel alone in Latin America, I knew that I had not the average age of most of the travelers. Most of the travelers taking a break for a couple of months or a year are between 20 and 30. Yesterday, I meet the most inspiring solo female traveler ever and this shows one more time that it is never too late to travel.

Therese or Teri is from the USA, lives normally in Florida when she is at home ! She has two sons and, is grandmother also and she is actually traveling for 14 months alone in Latin America and visited already Nicaragua, Belize, Peru Ecuador and Colombia ! She travels per flight, bus, night bus and keep moving with her two trolleys.

She tries to eat healthy. This point can sometimes be tricky in some countries where a lot of  dangerous pesticides,  herbicides or genetically modified organism are allowed. This subject is also her passion or maybe her new mission… She knows a lot about this subject and keeps traveling and inform people about the dangers for the health of consuming food containing certain dangerous products.

She never got robbed, she never had an agression and is not scarred at all to travel alone as a solo woman. I’m deeply impressed Mrs Teri,  it was an honor to share time and a lovely discussion with you, you are such an inspiration !

Oh I forgot to say Teri is 78 years old !


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